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PM Modi addresses Students at Royal University of Bhutan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has penned ‘Exam warriors’ a unique book that acts a a guide to life for students. Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering wrote a Facebook post about the book a few days before PM Modi’s visit.

He wrote, I flipped through the pages of the book directed at young people, as he de-constructs the idea of exam which many view as “life determining”.

Woven with personal anecdotes, the content is so simple for a child to comprehend yet so profound and practical.

Such is Narendra Modiji. In this book, as he highlights many life’s lessons, he says, “forget dreaming about becoming a prime minister, I was never even a class monitor”.

He exudes so much positivity, not just in the book but even in person. For someone who has to think for billions of people and represent them on the global stage, he takes time out to prepare children on handling exams. Is it not empathy, an intrinsic quality of a good leader?

Prime Minister thanked Prime Minister Lotay Tshering for his Facebook post. He said that Buddhism was the inspiration behind the mantras he shared in the book.

Students at the Royal Bhutan University also appreciated both the book as well as Prime Minister Modi’s address.

Prime Minister Modi’s mantra of success for youngsters is simple. Find innovative solutions to over-come challenges. Let no limitation constrain you. Find your real calling and pursue it with full passion, for the larger good.

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