Friday , April 23 2021
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PM Modi addresses rallies in Haryana & Delhi

Prime Minister invoked the Balakote air strike and accused the Congress of congratulating Pakistan instead of celebrating the achievements of the Indian Air Force.

Prime Minister said India’s rightful share of water kept flowing in to Pakistan under the congress regime. He said Congress party’s bogey of Hindu terror stands exposed. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first rally of the day at Fatehabad in Kurukshetra.

Raising the issue of national security, Prime Minister slammed the Congress and the UPA govt for its indecisiveness on the issue.

Prime Minister asserted that it was his government that ensured Masood Azhar was designated a global terrorist.

Prime Minister said he has brought corrupt Congressmen who have looted farmer’s land in Delhi & Haryana to the gates of jails.

He asserted that justice will be done to farmers who were robbed of their land.

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