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PM Modi addresses COP14 UN Convention

The Conference is being held at a time when India has assumed the COP Presidency from China for two years.

It will add to the global discourse on issues relating to the environment, especially land management.

India has had the honour of hosting the COP of all three Rio Conventions on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Land Management.

Around 30 decisions with actions that aim to strengthen land-use policies worldwide and address emerging threats, such as forced migration, sand and dust storms, and droughts are likely to be taken at this meet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a global water action agenda that ties in with the goal of tackling land degradation.

PM Modi shared the recent decision taken by Modi govt 2.0 to put an end to single use plastic in the coming years.

He also shared India’s experience of the Swachh Bharat Mission that shows the power that mass movements have in achieving what is often considered impossible.  

Prime Minister shared India’s ancient connect with Mother Earth that makes caring for the environment a part of daily life.

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