Sunday , September 26 2021

PDFBear: The Benefits of Using this Online File Converter

The PDF format is continuously gaining attraction in many different spheres and for many good reasons.

You can access a PDF file on computers with different operating systems and even on mobile phones. Its size is also smaller compared to any other document type. 

When you’re a heavy user of PDF, you may often find yourself in situations where you need to use a program that can convert a PDF file into an editable form and vice versa. Such situations may include a time when you have to remove unnecessary pages from your PDF. Stick around as we share with you how you can easily delete pages from a PDF file using a great online tool called “PDFBear.” Keep reading to find out more.

Delete Pages From PDF 

Business documents should be refined and error-free. Yet, you can easily miss errors in the file, such as an incorrect date, minor grammar mistakes, or an unnecessary blank page in between. Human error is typical, but you can fix it with a PDF converter. 

PDFBear is an online PDF converter that lets you delete pages from PDF. It’s easy to use—all you have to do is drag and drop the file that you would like to remove pages from. Select the page/s you wish to delete and click “apply changes.” 

After the PDF file is updated, you can then download or share the file to your Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Sure, this may have sounded easier if you’re using Word for your documents. But Word documents are not always practical. You may use some fancy font, only to find out later that the receiver cannot read the file correctly. This doesn’t have to be the case with a PDF file. 

With that said, let’s explore more reasons to use a PDF converter. 

The Benefits of Using a PDF Converter 

PDF is a standard 

PDF has become the format professionals use to keep their data intact while being transmitted, and having a PDF converter is largely part of that usage. It ensures a seamless workflow all throughout the process. 

Access, generate, and work in various formats 

Using a PDF converter frees you up from the limitations of working in limited formats. There are several formats to which you can convert a PDF file—Word, Excel, HTML, and PowerPoint are just a few. Bet you didn’t know that you can also convert a PDF file to a format available for viewing on your Kindle. 

Digitally archive your documents 

As said above, PDF files are more concise than any other documents. This feature is particularly useful when archiving your documents and better than having a stack of paper from some years ago. This also adds security to your confidential files against theft or accidents. 

Merge, split, and manage multiple PDFs 

At one point, you may be required to manage multiple PDFs where you have to convert several documents into a different format. Most PDF converters today let you automate the process of converting files. You can also split files that are too long or merge similar ones. 

Secure sensitive documents 

If you regularly deal with sensitive data, you would appreciate the ability to customize the security of your files. For example, you can set a password to safeguard the file from unauthorized access. You can also customize who can edit, view, print, or copy the file, among other modifications. 

Add e-signatures 

With the social distancing measures in place, you may be unlikely to see your teammates and employees for a long time. However, with documents to sign and reports to review, signatures remain necessary. In this situation, a PDF file that lets you add an e-signature can be an excellent solution. 

Get the most out of its features 

Converting multiple documents, extracting pages, deleting pages, merging and splitting, adding watermarks and/or e-signatures, and numbering pages. These are some things you can do with a PDF converter. You can also customize your conversions to even increase the quality of the output. 

On top of that, other things you can do with a PDF converter include the following: 

  • Save patterns and written tutorials 
  • Download Pinterest pins to PDF 
  • Convert Instagram photos to a PDF 
  • Save Wikipedia articles as PDF 
  • Create reports that include rich content (images, videos, and hyperlinks) 

PDF Converters As a Long-Term Solution 

Free online PDF converters are useful for one-time conversions, and free trials are also great for testing the waters. However, neither pass as a long-term solution, because these options are often limited and restricted to basic capabilities. 

If you’re a frequent user of PDFs, you may want to invest in a PDF converter that offers unlimited access and the ability to work offline. It just makes working with PDFs way easier. 

In conclusion, we’ll explain how to find the right PDF converter for you. 

The Best PDF Converter 

Equipping yourself and your business with the right tools to work effectively with your files is essential. The best PDF converter should at least fulfill the following criteria. 

  • Quick and easy to use. A PDF converter should be user-friendly, allowing you to navigate through the site easily and find what you are looking for. 
  • Feature-rich. It should also support as many file format conversions as possible and offer features that are essential for your business—editing, merging, adding signatures and watermarks, etc. 
  • Versatile. It should also be a one-stop-shop for all your PDF requirements, not just converting them. 

You’ll be needing most of these features when you work a lot with PDF. Regardless of your purpose, you’ll want to get an excellent PDF converter that does the job. 


Having a PDF converter at your disposal can make you more productive. It offers plenty of handy features and tools that add to the effectiveness of a PDF converter. Find one that corresponds to your needs and improve the effectiveness of your business. 

What do you think of a PDF converter? May these tips will help you get ahead. If you have any more tips to add to the list, let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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