Saturday , April 17 2021
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Parliament discusses budget

On Monday, proceedings in both houses of Parliament began with discussions on the budget in which a number of members participated. While members of the treasury benches praised its provisions, opposition benches raised a number of questions

In the upper house too, question hour was suspended for a discussion on the budget, while the opposition tried to corner the govt on various points , members of the ruling party praised it wholeheartedly.

Before the discusssion on the budget, amidst protests by members of the congress and TMC, a bill to declare the Institute of Ayurvedic teaching and Research an institution of national importance was introduced in the Lok Sabha.

A number of important questions were answered during question hour in the lok Sabha. While HRD Minister Ramesh PokhriyalNishank answered questions related to his ministry, Union Labour Minister said that the govt was addressing the concerns of workers in both the organised as well as unorganised sectors.

The first phase of the budget session concludes on Tuesday and as such the govt is keen to complete discussions on the budget as well as finish other important work on its agenda.


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