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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Parents ‘mortgage’ five children for 20 thousand rupees each in Sirohi village

children-with-the-employees-of-the-badaliya-toll-plaza-in-banswaraUdaipur : In yet another incident of child trafficking, sad plight of three children came shocking for the authorities in Banswara district on Tuesday morning. The tragic tale came to light when a roadways bus conductor found these boys without ticket in his bus reported the matter to toll plaza employees at Badaliya who informed the police.  The children said their parents had mortgaged them to an agent for a year who handed  them to people who reared animals in Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh. The children were ill treated, abused and not given enough food to eat. Tired of the abuse, they ran away.

The boys Kamlesh, Harish and Kishan- all in the age bracket of 8-12 years were found in a roadways bus going to Udaipur from Banswara. The conductor dropped them at the Badaliya toll plaza and later the matter was reported to the Sadar police station. When the police quizzed them, the children narrated their story. They were five children in all who were distant cousins and lived in the same village in Pindwara of Sirohi district. Due to extreme poverty their parents agreed to mortgage them to an agent paid rupees 20 thousand per child and assured to employ them in Udaipur.

However, the children were given to group which raised animals for a living. The children were made to work day and night, however not given stomach full to eat. They were mistreated and beaten up. After working for some 21 days, these three kids managed to escape. They sat in a bus which brought them to Banswara and not knowing where to go, they had further taken the Udaipur bus. The police informed the Child Welfare Committee who took the children in their care and custody. The committee will investigate the case and contact the parents in Sirohi to find out the details, police said.


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