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Pakistan PM Imran Khan faces protests in United States 

All has not turned out well for pakistan prime minister imran khan who reached US on a 3 day visit.

When his flight touched down at the airport, there was no high ranking US administration official to welcome him.

Latyer when he went to address the resident Pakistanis, he was faced with demonstrations and protests with ‘Free Balochistan’ slogans.

Protesters from Muttahida QaUmi Movement and other minority groups held protest in Washington DC. They protested during Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States. The demonstration brought together a range of campaigners who travelled from all around the United States only to protest against the oppression by the Pakistani state, human rights violations and state-sponsored atrocities against the oppressed minorities in Pakistan. Their placards read, “No more blank cheques for Pakistani Army” and “Protect Minority Rights in Pakistan”

Before his visit to the US..US president donald trump had condemned pakistan on public fora and suspended military assistance and strongly rebuked pakistan asking it to take strong steps against the terror networks.

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