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Pakistan in danger of being blacklisted by Financial Action Task Force

Pakistan is feeling cornered over pressure generated by India and the international community to act against forces of terrorism. Pakistan’s rulers are worried that if the pressure keeps mounting. It will soon be faced with severe economic hardship.

Pakistan is in danger of being added the blacklist of the international body to curb terror financing. The Financial Action Task Force.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has expressed concern that if Pakistan is blacklisted by the FATF. It will have to deal with huge financial loss. He said since the time the FATF grey listed Pakistan. It has already lost 10 billion US dollars.

International pressure to curb terror outfits like the Jaish-e-Mohammed which claimed responsibility for the Pulwama terror attack has been mounting against Pakistan..In the last meeting of the FATF Task Force Pakistan had been advised to take measures to curb terror funding with specific action points.

Clearly, Pakistan is feeling the heat generated by India at the international level on the question of curbing terrorism emanating from its soil.

It’s economy is weakening each passing day and those international actors who usually support it have been advising it to move away from its policy of sponsoring terror targeting India. It remains to be seen which way will Pakistan go at this delicate juncture.

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