Pakistan: Imran to address nation on social media

Islamabad, April 20 : Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan will address the nation live on social media on Wednesday, Express Tribune reported. PTI’s official social media team has been instructed to make preparations for the party chairman’s address. Earlier, party leaders held a meeting of the political committee in which the overall political situation in the country was discussed. They were also briefed about the preparations for the upcoming public rally to be held on April 21 at Minar-e-Pakistan and special instructions were given to officials to reach the venue on time with their caravans. It was also reported that Imran would unveil his strategy at the Minar-e-Pakistan site. Imran Khan said the country had no choice but to give the people a chance for their future through transparent elections, while claiming that the entire country was ted and mobilised to fight for its freedom and sovereignty. ACL1245

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