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Our civilisation, culture, languages preach message of unity in diversity: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his views on many issues including unity in diversity of the country, linguistic diversity and New India, with the country in the latest edition of Mann Ki Baat. Referring to the ‘Constitution Day’ that will be observed on 26th November, the PM said that the Constitution of India is one which protects the rights and dignity of every citizen and it has been ensured only by the farsightedness of the framers of our Constitution.

The Prime Minister said that our civilization, culture and languages ​​convey the message of unity in diversity to the whole world. Emphasizing on the conservation of languages, he said that progress is not possible without knowledge of mother tongue. Referring to great poet Subramanian Bharati, PM Modi said that the faces of Mother India are many but the body is one.

Describing the Supreme Court’s decision on Ayodhya as a milestone in the history of the Indian judiciary, the Prime Minister said that 130 crore Indians proved that for them national interest is paramount. He said that, after this historic decision, the country has embarked on a new path with new hopes and new aspirations.

The Prime Minister said that India is an exceptional example of diversity. Referring to the Brahmaputra Pushkar festival that is held on the banks of Brahmaputra river, he said that our ancestors gave great importance to nature, environment, water, land and forest.

Mahatma Gandhi believed that God resides in cleanliness, and a healthy body consists of a healthy mind. Adopting the same mantra advocated by Bapu, the Prime Minister called on the people of the country to adopt cleanliness and carry forward the Fit India movement.

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