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Wednesday , November 22 2017
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Oracle Claims First Truly Converged Cloud/NAS Storage Platform

Oracle announced a new platform this week to help enterprises integrate cloud storage services with on-premises NAS storage systems. The platform, called Oracle Cloud Converged Storage, is based on Oracle’s ZFS Cloud software, which is included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release.

The company is pitching the solution as the first truly converged storage solution that offers both public cloud and on-premises, high-performance NAS (network attached) storage.

The company said the new tools will allow organizations to move data or applications from on-premises storage to the cloud more easily. There’s no need for external cloud gateways or software, or cloud access licenses from legacy, on-premises vendors in order to access public clouds from their infrastructure platforms.

Easier Path to Integration

Oracle said its new approach significantly eases the migration burden for IT administrators as they move from their own on-premise platforms to public cloud integration. The difficulty usually comes when trying to integrate disparate environments with different security requirements and a variety of industry standards. Struggling with end-to-end visibility, diagnostics and support can also be a problem.

With its ZFS Cloud, Oracle thinks it can beat both public cloud providers who cannot deliver on-premises, high-performance storage systems, and also traditional hardware vendors who lack truly integrated public clouds. So says analyst Mark Peters of the Enterprise Strategy Group. Peters says Oracle’s converged platform delivers “a genuine hybrid data ability with a ‘cloud insurance option’ built right into the storage system.”

Oracle says the convergence of its storage cloud with ZFS Storage Appliances will provide enterprise clients with the same performance abilities as flash storage drives plus the added agility and simplicity of Oracle’s cloud storage solution. The company said the converged system can be used for elastic application storage as well as back-up and recovery. Other uses include development, testing, active archive…


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