Monday , October 18 2021

Online Casinos and Responsibility Behind It

With the emergence of online casinos, an incredibly big issue appeared as well – the rise of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is nothing new, and it has been around forever, but ever since genuine casinos with real payouts by entered the Indian market, the problem is still takes place.

Gambling Addiction in India

According to the research published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry and conducted by Sanju George, Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, and T. S. Jaisoorya, Indian psychiatric specialists aren’t focused on gambling addiction as much as their Western colleagues, thus leaving gamblers alone in fighting their demons. They write in their paper: “It is clear that Indian psychiatrists come across gambling addicts and affected families in their day-to-day clinical practice. However, the large majority of these psychiatrists have had no training/teaching in this field.”

And gambling demons tend to be very cunning, as players easily convince themselves they need just one more bet, another spin, a new hand of cards to make things even, to compensate for losses or make some money. There hasn’t been any consistent research on the number of problem gamblers in India, so it remains unclear how many people fight this battle. Also, considering how Indian authorities still haven’t found a way to regulate the online casino industry, customers are left unprotected and vulnerable.

The role of online casinos in gambling prevention in India is, for these reasons, tremendous. Almost every online casino will usually offer assistance in reaching out to special services, clubs, and societies that can help addicts. But, more often than not, this help is nothing more than a declarative statement and a few links provided on the bottom of the website.

Importance of Regulated Online Casinos

Of course, saying that every online casino establishment is an unethical business that doesn’t care about its customers would be completely wrong. In the dynamic gambling market, however, there is a certain group of online casinos that distinguish themselves from others – regulated and licensed online casinos.

Such casinos mean serious business. They don’t attract players with offers that are too good to be true (and in many, cases aren’t true at all), and are focused on doing business legally and providing the best possible service. After all, some of the most influential and respected authorities such as Maltese MGA and British UKGC are known to be quite determined when it comes to stripping licenses and fining casinos that don’t operate according to law.

Regulated casinos go a long way in making sure their clients don’t develop ludomania or gambling addiction. For example, most of them offer nifty tools and features to make sure players can set their daily limits. Also, they tend to set limits on deposits in certain timeframes, thus ensuring their customers don’t overspend. The latest initiatives in the United Kingdom went a step further: online casinos mutually agreed to limit the VIP status to customers of a certain age, to ban credit card deposits and introduce changes in design and the way popular games like slots operate. Also, all these casinos offer access to useful organizations that help in gambling addiction, offer guidance and help.

Can Gambling Business and Ethics Go Hand In Hand?

Let’s face it, there is no question that gambling businesses, including online casinos, must find a way to prevent vulnerable categories in developing a gambling problem.

The big players in the gambling industry understand the bad reputation their businesses get. For centuries, gambling has been considered a dishonest business, connected to the underground, and something that decent people steer clear from. Nowadays, they put a lot of effort into establishing honest and fair practices, as well as an ethical and moral approach towards the user as a human being with flaws and a tendency to keep playing until they win.

On the other hand, unscrupulous companies who operate without a license, and outside the regulatory framework, will keep doing their business as usual until someone stops them. This is why it is important for every government to establish licensing procedures that will not only guarantee additional income to the state’s budget but also protect citizens from even accessing such dishonest websites.

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