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Odd-even car rationing scheme set to return to Delhi’s roads from November 4 to 15

Delhi govt has prepared a detailed 7 point action plan called the parali Pollution action plan to tackle the pollution arising out of burning of parali or the crop residue in neighbouring states. 

The 7 point action plan includes revisit to the odd even scheme for the vehicles in Delhi between 4-15 november. 

State govt will distribute n-95 category masks free of cost to the citizen before November. 

A laser show before diwali as part of plans to urge citizens implement in toto the SC orders to not burst crackers during Diwali. 

Sprinkling of water to contain dust in the city, placing of 2 environment Marshalls in each ward to prevent burning of waste by guards etc. 

And Delhi govt will make free home delivery of sapling to interested people as part of Delhi Tree Challenge to increase green cover in the city. 

A separate War Room will be set up for pollution related complaints. The state govt also plans to add 4000 buses in next 8-10 months and do a route rationalisation of DTC routes to optimise the use. 

Bus stands will also be modernised to display route and arrival information about the buses to commuters.

1. Odd Even makes a comeback on the Delhi roads between 4-15 Novemebr this year being used as an emergency measure  

2. Delhi govt will procure N-95 CATEGORY  Masks on a big scale. Delhiites will be given mask free of cost by the state govt from October onwards

3. Diwali Celebrations – bursting of crackers is banned during diwali – as per SC porders…..Delhi govt organiaing laser show on a day beofre diwali

4. Dust – water sprinkling on a big scale to contain dust – mechanised sweeping 

5. 12 hot spots identified in Delhi – special plans for these places

6. Burning of waste by guards etc – 2 environment marshalls in each ward 

7. Delhi Tree challenge – Delhi Public involvemnent for aforestaiton . growing of plant. free home delivery of sapling to people who want to grow plants near there plans

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