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Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Now poor girls to get household expenses under ‘Apki Beti ‘ scheme

Udaipur : To improve access to education to girls from poor families, the government has come up with a new scheme to provide monetary assistance so as to save them from quitting schools owing to financial restraints. Some twenty five thousand single parent/orphan girls reading in the government schools have been identified in the state, who will receive pocket money to meet their household expenses. These are the girls who have lost either or both parents and the guardians are not in a condition to continue their education. Some seven thousand girls in Udaipur division from class 1 to 12th have been shortlisted under the’ Apki Beti scheme’ to receive the benefits. Girls studying upto 8th std will be granted 1100 rupees while the upper grade students will receive 1500 rupees a month.

“ Where resources are limited, boys tend to receive preferential treatment for schooling. In some cases, both girls and boys may be enrolled in school, but their chances of continuing their education, especially if they come from a poor, large family, are dramatically different” said Parmeshwar Shrimali, Deputy Director primary education. “A son’s education is greater for parents, as sons have more opportunities to access better paying jobs and will therefore be better able to take care of their parents in later life. Because girls’ most valued contribution is to the home, they are often withdrawn from school either to save money or so that they can take care of siblings or elderly relatives while their parents work outside the home to earn income” Shrimali held. This initiative would motivate parents to keep their girls enrolled in school up to the senior secondary level which would increase in the female educational level.


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