Saturday , September 18 2021

NOMOS Glasshütte: 8 Stunning Timepieces That Exudes Elegance

Visual pleasure is the same as musical pieces. The elegance and simplicity of a particular creation can create a pleasurable feeling. It is something that uplifts the emotion and gives you a rush. The NOMOS Glasshütte is one example of this presentation that makes an emotional response. Perhaps it’s the clean and round watch face that reminds you of heavenly bodies. Maybe it’s the use of solid colors that are either bright or dark, creating a wearer mood. If you are into technical details, then perhaps the beautiful dials that adorn this creation after the Berlin Wall fall. Whatever the reasons are, the NOMOS Glasshütte is a prime example of how simplicity equates to beauty. 

Stylish, Timeless, And Every Day Watch

NOMOS Glasshütte evokes the beauty of great urban architecture. It is of German origin, and that explains the perchance for simplicity in all its watch lines. Like the great Bauhaus architecture and script, this watch has the legacy of what it means to have a Germanic origin. There are many names for each Nomos Glasshütte watch. Each title has its distinctive look that will strike your fancy. 

  • Metro

The Metro is known for its slimmer strap and white watch face. The face tells you the seconds in alphanumeric numbers. The dots signify the hours. It is for the young and hip. It is also a watch for those who love the blend of urban beauty with all its energy and architectural wonders. 

  • Autobahn

Here is a watch that resembles a car dashboard. Germany is, after all, famous for its autobahns. The watch creates a sense of being in motion inside a car. It’s a marriage between space-age vision and urban beauty. It is a watch for people who love to travel. Getting your Autobahn is a fun way to celebrate the joy of traveling and a good life. 

  • Tetra

If circular watches are not your thing, then you might consider getting a Tetra. The shape is bold and modern reminiscent of famous German designs. Tetra has different sizes and colors to match your mood. The Tetra has a unique watch face with its clean lines and straight dials. It tells you the time while accentuating your lifestyle. Tetra is for those who love elegant venues and also gatherings. The design blends with the scene, the people, and the good life. 

  • Tangente

This watch was formerly out of stock due to the demands. It is not surprising considering the distinctive watch face and overall elegance. The Tangent has a white watch face with superior numbers. It accentuates the brand’s love for simplicity and style. It is a kind of watch that’s modern, hip, and great for the young. 

  • Club

The Club has a retro look as if it stepped out of the 50s and 60s. The dials are accentuated with red color as if it’s a thin petal of a flower butterfly pattern. The warm color is a combination of cream, red and black. It still highlights the brand’s love for simple lines and patterns but with a twist. The leather strap is beautiful and comfortable to wear. There are many variations of this line. There are overly white, black, and other combinations. 

  • Orion

If what you want is a watch with subdued lines and numerals, then the Orion is for you. The stylish design introduces the dials and digits that are not outright clear. This is the beauty of the Orion line. There are different designs like off-white, tangerine, and many more options for you. 

  • Zurich

Zurich is all lines and circles with a minimalistic design. Zurich is the kind of watch that can blend anywhere. The extreme back and white are what make this line attractive. The dials are also straight and straightforward. It is simplistic, practical, and beautiful. 

  • Ludwig

This watch owes its name to one of the greatest composers. It has an arresting classic look with a watch face that can be elegant and stylish. This line is for those who love modern watches and elegant gatherings where the young and influential people meet. Ludwig is for you if you are part of the “in” crowd. 

NOMOS Glasshütte Designs

Unlike other brands with limited designs, the NOMOS Glasshütte takes you on the journey of having options. Having a choice in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes is refreshing in the watch world. Think about it; the different colors and designs can blend with any occasion. For example, tangerine is associated with summer while dark colors, with winter. White is for minimalism and all things elegant and simple. However, if you feel more flamboyant, you can also choose other designs and colors to suit your mood. 

Style and Resistance 

NOMOS Glasshütte is known for its durability and elegance. If you are looking for an automatic watch that will last longer than any brands in the same category, then this is for you. It is also for those who are new to the watch world and want to explore luxury brands but with affordable prices. Although founded in 1990, the NOMOS Glasshütte brand has already captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts. This was the result of being worn by style icons on the runway. It is not surprising that the appeal of NOMOS Glasshütte is far and wide. 

Final Thoughts

Nomos watches are also a great accessory that can go with any handbag, shoes, hats, or shades. The cool factor is brought by its love for the taste of the new generation. You can tell that NOMOS Glasshütte is well-informed in the lifestyle of the successful millennials. The brand is pushing this through print ads as well as other media advertisements. Now, NOMOS Glasshütte is synonymous with the young, the hip, and the successful. It is not surprising that NOMOS will be on par with the older luxury brands that started their production more than a hundred years ago in a couple of years. And so, this will be the crowning glory of NOMOS Glasshütte. 

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