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No significant change in flood situation in Bihar

The river is flowing above the danger mark at Patna’s Gandhi Ghat, but its water level has stabilized at present.

The water level of the Ganga river in Kahalgaon is 31 cm above the danger mark, and its level is rising. Principal Secretary of Water Resources Department Sanjeev Hans said that the water level of most of the rivers of the state has started receding due to which some improvement in flood situation is expected in coming days.

In Munger also, the water level of Ganga has been continuously increasing for the last five days.  

The river water has also entered the Shaktipeeth Chandika place located there.

Relief and rescue operations are being carried out on a large scale. Three lakh fifteen thousand people are being provided cooked food through 443 community kitchens, while 5000 people are staying in 6 relief camps in Samastipur and Khagadia.

Till now 9 lakh 26 thousand families have been given relief amount of Rs. 6,000 per family.

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