Monday , April 19 2021
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New political alliance under former minister Sajith Premadasa launched in Sri Lanka 

The alliance named United People force or Samagi Jana Balavegaya consist of five political parties and at least 10 more organizations. 

United National Party (UNP) led by former Prime minister Ranil Wickremisnghe is part of the alliance though the party is divided between the two camps led by Premadasa and Wickremsinghe. 

No consensus has been reached on alliance symbol as Wickremsinghe  supporters want to keep UNP symbol elephant for the alliance also which Premadasa camp has opposed. 

Alliance General Secretary and MP Ranjith Madduma Bandara said 95% of UNP electoral organizers were in attendance at today’s ceremony. 

Premadasa, while addressing the ceremony, said a new democratic and progressive people’s revolution in the history of Sri Lanka has begun today. 

He said the alliance is a force that will create a revolution for the betterment of the people. Mr. Premadasa asserted that the alliance is not merely a front that is based on elections, but a sustainable program. 

He  expressed  hope to win the general election and then the Provincial Council elections with the blessing of the people. Meanwhile, the current parliament is set to be dissolved by midnight today with general elections likely to be announced for 25th of next month. 

Parliament will complete its five-year term by August but the President has been vested with the power to dissolve the parliament after four and a half years of the sitting of Parliament. 

The current government led by Prime minister Mahinda Rajpaksa is a minority government and expects to gain a majority in coming elections.

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