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National Award winning business woman Sonal Jindal

Sonal Jindal, an award winning and a renowned business woman, has marked her presence in the fashion industry. She is successfully running an event management company “MEDUSA”. With unique and creative designing ideas as the USP, MEDUSA is seen as a one-stop destination for B2C events.

While an increasing number of women are breaking the glass ceilings in diverse spheres, Sonal Jindal exemplifies the new-age Indian legacy of entrepreneurs in India. 

As a founder and director of the company, Sonal Jindal is single-handedly leading multiple ventures, which include some of the big fashion houses, hospitality groups, lifestyle companies and real estate magnates.  She has shown amazing skill in multi-tasking to inspire her followers by turning concepts into brands with sustainable operations. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has a disproportionate impact on women all over the world. In India with a vast gender gap across almost all social indicators, women are seen even more vulnerable, who face additional challenges in the business world.  
This charismatic entrepreneur considers her family as her biggest support-system. She stressed that her family helped her all the way in fulfilling her dreams. 

Besides “MEDUSA”, Sonal Jindal is also a Director at the Moodboard Consultancy, a specialised consultancy for corporate and retail clients. It launched its first Asia-Pacific business operations in 2018. 

Concerned over the ongoing pandemic and challenges to stay positive about the businesses across the world, Sonal said: “I cannot help but see good even in this difficult situation. If the business world can move on from such catastrophic events like World Wars I and II or the Spanish flu, it could surely move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic as well. All that is required is some out-of-the-box thinking!”

Being a mother of two children, Sonal Jindal carries her family and business responsibilities with remarkable ease. The drive to change the future for the women entrepreneurs makes her a successful entrepreneur with a professional and personal journey worth recounting! 

Exuding confidence, Sonal Jindal has created a fine balance between her professional and personal lives. Talking about her daughter’s dreams, she said, “I understand my daughter wants to be a painter. I just want to support and help her grow at every step.”

There are exceptional people in the world who selflessly work for the underprivileged and backward sections of the society. Sonal Jindal, being a generous and soft-hearted person, is relentlessly working with many NGOs that work for people’s well-being, especially the ones taking care of girls and children. Girl-Up is one such non-profit organisation run by the United Nations, where Sonal is working for the upliftment and betterment of girls. As a community leader, this gold-hearted business woman is inspiring millions of people.

This kindness has let Sonal earn the love and respect of the people around her. According to her, helping others is the only successful way towards empowernment. On achieving success at a young age, Sonal says, ”I firmly believe that when we set out to do something that empowers us from  within, we become an inspiration for our past and future, along with motivating the upcoming generations. 
Sonal Jindal is a treasure and ideal for the business women across the world, and we thank her and wish her good luck for her future endeavours! 

Well, we can almost see another leader in the making under a robust businesswomen’s tutelage!

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