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Myanmar restricts office attendance as COVID-19 cases surge

Employees below the level of Deputy Directors have been asked to work for two weeks from home and two weeks from office each month. However senior officials will continue to attend office on a daily basis. The government servants will not be allowed to go outside without permission while they work from home. This is in continuation of several other restrictions reimposed in the country after the second wave of corona infections hit Myanmar.

State Counsellor Aung Song Suu Kyi  has also urged people to follow rules and discipline of the government to control the spread of Corona virus in the country. She assured that sufficient medical supplies and health facilities will be arranged for people to cope with Corona infection, reported Global New Light of Myanmar, the official media channel of the government.

In the meanwhile, the government is building a field hospital with 500 beds in Yangon to cope with the surge in the Corona positive cases. Three hospitals in Yangon have been repurposed to treat COVID 19 patients, reports Reuters. The government has also reduced the quarantine period from three weeks to two weeks in order to relieve pressure on medical facilities in the country. 

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported 134 new COVID-19 cases till morning of Wednesday taking the total number of infected people to 3636. The country has also reported 39 deaths till now. 

Country’s commercial hub Yangon is the worst hit area in Myanmar with close to 1850 cases reported till Tuesday. Rakhine is the second hardest hit state with 722 cases. 

Myanmar recorded 33 COVID-19 deaths in the two weeks from Sept. 4 to 16, after seeing a total of six in the first wave of cases from March 23 to Sept. 4. 

– Rajesh Jha

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