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Myanmar Army Chief accuses government of pre-election irregularities

In an interview given to a local news outlet on Tuesday, the Army Chief said that some opposition parties had complained about the irregularities over the voter list which could have been taken care of as there was enough time for that, reports Reuters. 

The Military Chief also criticised the Union Election Commission (UEC) of mistakes in preparing the voter list, disputes on early voting and campaign amid the COVID 19 outbreak despite having enough time for preparation. However, the military clarified that it is the government which is responsible for actions of the UEC. 

In a statement, the military said that weakness and deficiencies which were never seen in the previous elections are appearing now. They can have adverse impacts on the credibility of the election. The army said that it wants the constitution to be strengthened so that the country moves on the path of multi party democracy.

The general elections in Myanmar are scheduled to take place on November 8. Close to 7000 candidates are vying for about 1100  seats in both the houses of parliament for which 25 percent of seats are reserved for the military under the constitution.



Rajesh Jha/Dhaka

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