Tuesday , April 13 2021
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Muslim civil society representatives say they are prepared to make some key changes

Addressing a joint press conference, Minister of Highways and Road development  Kabir Hashim said that anything which is not suitable for Sri Lanka and influenced by foreign culture  will be looked into as the unity of the country is important.

He said that legal amendments have also been proposed including the Madrasa Act. The minister said Muslims have been an integral part of the country from the Sinhala kings onwards and have defended the nation various times when the nation was under threat.

He said the very small minority of persons who are responsible for Easter Sunday attacks are not real followers of their faith. Former Minister Imthiaz Bakeer Markar said that the Muslim community have made it clear that they will not accept the teachings of the bombers involved in the Easter Sunday attacks.

He also said that globalisation has impacted Sri Lanka as a whole and not just the Muslims. President’s Counsel Ali Sabry said as Muslims they have a big responsibility to fulfill and that some things need to be done within the Muslim community itself such as regulating Madrasas and reflecting on their culture.

He also said that there are some decisions which need to be taken with the entire Sri Lankan society coming together for a common purpose.

Sri Lanka has been tense since Easter Sunday attacks in which nine suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels in the country killing over 250 people including 45 foreigners.

The country  faced violence against Muslims in several areas on Monday following the attacks but the situation has returned to normalcy with curfew removed from all parts of the country.


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