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Move to split Bhopal local body triggers political tussle

Bhopal, Oct 9 (udaipur kiran) The Madhya Pradesh government has initiated the exercise to split the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Due to rising population, the state government has decided to divide the BMC into two to provide better facilities. As part of the exercise, the Kolar Municipality would be merged into the BMC and the merged entity would be split into two.

The Urban Local Bodies Department has sought public suggestions on the draft proposal by October 16.

MP Congress spokesperson Durgesh Sharma said formation of small wards would help provide better amenities. The population and area of Bhopal had increased considerably over the years, he said and added, the bifurcation would help decentralise the power.

“The congress, which has been dividing the country on the basis of caste, religion and community for the last 70 years, is now preparing to divide Bhopal on the basis of religion — Hindu and Muslim. We are yet to understand how the BMC’s bifurcation would benefit people,” said BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma.

Sharma said the government must take the people into confidence before dividing the BMC and also demanded a referendum on the plan.

Bhopal Mayor and senior BJP leader Alok Sharma also slammed the move.

Opposing the move, former BJP Minister Narottam Mishra said, “The Congress has always tried to divide the country. First it divided the country in the name of language and religion, and now it is dividing the city.”

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