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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Mother and child sent out of hospital within few hours of delivery

Udaipur : The staff at the Pannadhaya hospital here on Wednesday night faced severe criticism from the public for sending out a woman with her child whom she had delivered a couple of hours ago in the day. While the hospital staff maintained that the woman was abnormal and hence proved to be a problem for other patients, on the other hand, the woman’s husband said she was just “ irritated” after the child birth and was normal otherwise. Sensing the public pressure the woman and child were taken back in the ward by the hospital authorities.

Twenty one year old Yashoda wife of Devilal from Barbadi village of Salumber had delivered a baby boy on Wednesday morning at the Pannadhaya hospital. Her mother Badan devi had accompanied them to take care of the mother-son duo. At around 9pm, Devilal went out to get food for the family. When he returned he was informed that Yashoda was acting abnormal and hence she should be shifted to some other hospital. The staff reportedly took his signature on some papers and send the mother and child out in the dark. Knowing not what to be done at that hour, Devilal alongwith Yashoda and the new born sat at the hospital lobby for more than an hour. Meanwhile he and his mother in law kept protesting against the authorities for their insensitivity of keeping the little child out in cold which could prove dangerous for its health. The staff on the other hand held that Yashoda had attacked her mother, pulled her hairs badly when she was asked to breast feed the baby and even tried to harm another baby lying beside its mother on the neighboring bed. She could create problem for other patients, they said and refused to take her in.

A large crowd had gathered due to the commotion and as the media persons were informed, the staff tried to cover up the matter. People criticized the staff for keeping the new born out for the chances of getting infected from the unhygienic condition in the open area. Later when Dr Rajrani Sharma, the Superintendent of the hospital was informed, she ordered the staff to take the mother and child back in the ward. A counselor was also called in for the lady’s checkup.


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