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Monday , January 22 2018
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Mom give skin to save daughters life

Udaipur : Weeks ago, a mother was condemned for dumping her 2-year-old daughter in a well. Now comes a case were a mother underwent severe pain to give second life to her child. Through the homo grafting technique, one Deena Charpota, a resident of Banswara gave a portion of her skin to save life of her little daughter who was burnt badly after a vessel containing hot milk spilled over her body. Surgeons at the Geetanjali Medical college and hospital here , operated for some 3 hours to save Bhavika, the one and a half year old girl who had been hospitalized for two months following the accident. The child’s health condition had deteriorated out of protein deficiency, bacterial infection in open wounds and multi organ failure due to septicemia . Knowing the risks involved and having no other option to save the child’s life, her mother’s skin was taken to graft on the baby.

‘ Though it is commonly found that skin transplanted from one individual to another does not survive permanently since one’s own skin is the best replacement option, however, in this case, 40 percent of Bhavika’s body had burnt including the lower parts of her abdomen, legs, hands and chest’ said Dr Ashutosh Soni, the surgeon . In special cases, skin of identical twins or parents prove temporary option for grafting however, this doesn’t last long and the individuals skin has to be replaced after some time. The team had to wait until for the child’s body to recover from the injuries and the old skin peeled off completely. During the grafting technique, a layer of skin called epidermis, was taken from Deena’s body and then transplanted to the child’s affected parts, doctors said. Deena’s skin has started rejuvenating and later on Bhavika’s own skin will be grafted once she recovers, experts informed.


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