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Thursday , November 23 2017
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Missed Yet Another Traveling Deal? Pre-Travel Advice For You

Invariably you are going to be like most of us and miss out on the perfect time to book your travel plans. This isn’t the case for everyone but more often than not we all fall for the greed trap that we can get a better deal another day, only to wind up chasing the prices as they inch back up. If making travel plans just makes you not want to go on vacation at all, stop that now! Here are some sure-fire tools to make sure that you make the trip of your dreams come off without a hitch!

Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be accomplished today”?. Have you ever imagined these words apply to you and your own decision making? This waiting with baited breath phenomenon is often one of the biggest bugaboos for people trying to make firm vacation decisions. They delay and delay and then the dates they have off to go on vacation pass and nothing happens! So stop that! When you pick the dates that you want your vacation to happen on and you have the money ready to spend, spend it! Get those tickets and get on with your trip planning! Delaying too long can be the worst thing to do when you are trying to make vacation memories!

Weekends are the best time to plan and book your trip. There are deals which are proffered by the different third-party travel providers and even airlines and hotels have gotten in on the act and are showing their best prices and discounts at the week’s end. So get on your mobile device, desktop or laptop and spend a weekend comparing these deals. Be mindful though of the amount of time between your trip and the current date. You can score some pretty sweet deals if you time things right. However, if you wait just a bit too long, those prices can shoot back up. The more flexible you are with your dates, also, the better.

If there were one overarching message you should be getting from this piece it’s that decisiveness helps quicken the process. Decisiveness the whole way through too. You made the decision to go on vacation, that’s great. Once you have picked your place, you should also be firm about dates; either the time of the year or the exact dates. Once you know where you’re going and when then you need to pick a mode of transport to get there. Planes, trains, and automobiles are all viable options, but there are even more! Ride-sharing, busses, riding a bicycle, even hitchhiking are all viable means to the end of getting where you need to go. Once you have decided on that though the next step is to buy your tickets! Making sure you are getting there on the dates decided is only one half of the equation. Where are you going to stay once you’re there? Hotel? Hostel? Bed and breakfast? VRBO? Other housing options like friends or family? These are all the things that you need to hone in on and make sure that you are clear about; making the ultimate decision is one big part of that equation. 

Maybe the biggest thing to remember about your vacation, at the end of the day, is that it’s about the experience you are hoping to have and the memories you are hoping to enjoy. Getting to a place, the place itself, and staying somewhere while you are there, are all a part of this, but the enjoyment comes in the vacation fulfilled. So don’t forget, no matter where you wind up or how much you pay for it, to have a good time!


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