Meet Raj Khatri, a producer working towards making his name in Indian Cinema

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Meet Raj Khatri

It is indeed surreal to learn about all those stories of people that have the power to impact others positively. These individuals and professionals across niches have made sure to put in their best and work around ideas that have the ability to take over their chosen niches and sectors.

Raj Khatri is one of those rare talents, who have always tried to give his best. One thing he is proud of is his resilience, he says. This particular quality helped him pave his own path to success to reach a highly recognized status in the industry. The film producer has completely immersed himself in the process of filmmaking and loves everything related to that. This passion of his is one of the prime reasons for his success & survivor in the industry with successful projects to his name, under Raj Khatri Films Pvt Ltd., which is his film production company based in Mumbai.

The graduate from New York Film Academy in Film Making has also stunned people with his brilliance in the world of business and has spread his wings in fields like events, e-commerce, hospitality, textiles, media, and news broadcasting, and of course film production. Raj is also a founder of Raj Khatri foundation , a social welfare organization with a country-wide network with the sole aim to help everybody in need and the foundation is also very closely associated with TATA Cancer Hospital to help many cancer patients in their timely treatment.
Raj Khatri Films Pvt Ltd., ( projects so far include Hindi Feature Film Phamous, Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai a fiction TV show telecasted on & TV , 1st ever Indian promoted Professional Wrestling Entertainment Live Event “ The Great Khali Returns ” held in Feb 2016 at Uttarakhand (Haldwani and Dehradun), Assam’s biggest cultural event Dwijing Festival and many more to add…

To know more, do follow him on Instagram @rajkhatri33.

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