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Mask is the most visible effect in fight against Coronavirus: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India’s fight against Corona is people-driven and along with the people, the government and the administration are fighting the pandemic. Sharing his thoughts in the Mann Ki Baat programme on Sunday, PM Modi said, each and every citizen of the country is a soldier in this battle and they are leading the battle. He lauded the resolve of the people as to how at each and every place, people have come forward to help each other.

The Prime Minister said from arranging food for the needy, to supply of rations, compliance of lockdown, from arrangements in hospitals to manufacturing medical equipments indigenously, entire nation is marching ahead together. He urged people not to get caught in the trap of over-confidence and not harbor a feeling that if corona has not yet reached their city, village, street or office, it is not going to reach now. PM said ‘Do Gaz doori hai zaroori’ should be our mantra and people should maintain a distance of two yards and keep themselves healthy. He cautioned that, in over-enthusiasm, there should be no negligence at the local level or elsewhere and people always have to remain.

The Prime Minister said, many positive changes are organically making their way into the work culture, lifestyle and daily habits of people. The effect that is most visible around is wearing a mask and covering the face. He said, in the changed paradigm due to Corona, masks are becoming a part of the lives of people. He said, masks will now become a symbol of cultured society. If people want to save themselves and others from disease, they will have to wear a mask. He also suggested people to use a Gumchha or a light towel to cover the face.  

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