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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi urges countrymen to celebrate Nari-Shakti

Expressing happiness that Bharat Ki Laxmi initiative which was initiated to mark the festive occasion of Deepavali has got overwhelming response from all corners, Prime Minister Modi urged people to seek inspiration from such examples. In his Mann Ki Baat on All India Radio, Prime Minister said, after the announcement, many inspirational stories on social media followed.

Prime Minister Modi also referred to the 17th century Kannada poetess Sanchi Honnamma who penned a poem mentioning the daughters are the pride and their prodigious virtuosity cradles the social fabric, ensuring its bright future.

Saying festivals are occasions that awaken a new consciousness in the lives of people,  He appealed to the people to buy local products during Diwali. He said, the more people try to buy the local things; it will be a befitting tribute to Gandhiji on his 150th birth anniversary.

Speaking about cleanliness, the Prime Minister said, if one story that rings from home to home and rings far and wide, is heard from every corner of India, it is the story of cleanliness and sanitation. 

He said, in Siachen, the highest battlefield in the world, Indian soldiers are not only protecting the borders but also running a Swacch Siachen campaign. Commending the Indian Army for the commitment for cleanliness, Prime Minister Modi said, removing 130 tons and more of garbage from the glacier and its surrounding area’s fragile eco-system is a great service. 

He said, running a cleanliness campaign there means ensuring clean water for those who live in low-lying areas and also use the water of rivers like Nubra and Shyok.

Speaking about Iron man of India Sardar Patel whose birth anniversary will be celebrated on 31st of this month, the Prime Minister said, Sardar Patel, possessed the rare quality of uniting people and striking a balance with people who were not in ideological agreement with him.

Prime Minister Modi mentioned how Patel during Congress Session in Ahmedabad in 1921, utilized the opportunity to improve the city’s water supply network and rise in the sale of khadi. He said, in the Constituent Assembly, Sardar Patel strove to ensure enshrinement of fundamental rights that obliterated any possibility of discrimination on the basis of caste and community. 

Prime Minister Modi said, Sardar undertook the colossal and historic task of integrating Princely states. He mentioned how Tricolour was promptly unfurled in Lakshadweep and the nefarious dreams of the neighbour of annexing the island were decimated within no time. 

Saying more than 26 lakh tourists visited the Statue of Unity built-in memory of Sardar Saheb, Prime Minister Modi highlighted that this is having the distinction of world’s highest statue. 

Time magazine has included it in its list of 100 important tourist destinations around the world. The Prime Minister appealed that every Indian who takes out time to travel must visit at least 15 Tourist Destinations of India with family and experience a night stay at whichever place they go to.

Prime Minister Modi said, 31st October has been celebrated as National Unity Day and it imparts the message to protect the unity, integrity and security of the country at any cost.  He said, ‘Run for Unity’ is a symbol of unison and it imparts the message that the nation is one and it aims for Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat. 

Prime Minister Modi said, during Run for Unity not only people have to run, but in doing so the spirit of FIT India is also reflected. People can find the details in portal runforunity.gov.in. He said, nation has always been very proactive and in strengthening unity and communal harmony and there are examples of individuals who have been working ceaselessly to foster communal harmony. 

Paying homage to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated on 31st October, Prime Minister Modi said it was a traumatic moment for the country.

The Prime Minister said, on 12th of next month the 550th Prakashotsav of Guru Nanak dev ji, the founder of Sikhism will be celebrated across the world and the luminescence of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s influence can be felt not only in India but around the world.

Prime Minister Modi said, Guru Nanak Dev accorded the highest significance to the spirit of service and firmly believed that any service done selflessly was beyond evaluation. He said, Guru Nanak stood firm against social ills such as untouchability and radiated his message to all corners of the world. Carrying the message of harmony and equality, he travelled north, south, east and west, meeting people, saints and sages.
Prime Minister said, Guru Nanak Dev secured a revered place in the hearts of millions who followed his messages with complete devotion, a practice that continues even in the present times.

He mentioned that Ambassadors of around eighty-five countries went to Amritsar from Delhi, undertook the holy Darshan and got the opportunity to know more about Sikh traditions and culture. 

Greeting people on Diwali, he said this time we should let light spread its radiance, encourage positivity, with a prayer to quell the feeling of animosity.

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