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Monday , January 22 2018
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Man cite “ Buffalo Grahpravesh” muhurat to seek exemption from election duty

Udaipur : Sickness, marriage or care-taking of aged parents are reasons cited commonly by the government employees to seek exemption from election duties. However, officials were clueless when a state employee at Bhim tehsil in Rajsamand district came up with a weird but ‘innocent’ excuse for seeking exemption. Gain Singh, a lower division clerk posted at the block elementary education office in Bhim, in his application to the Collector asked to be exempted from election duty on Thursday for the reason that he had to perform “ Grah Pravesh “ of his buffalo on a set muhurat (auspicious time) prescribed by the Pandit. Meanwhile, the District Collector said though he has not received any such application, but if it were a genuine case, exemption could be granted.
Gain Singh had been assigned election duty at RailMagra as a member with the polling team number 668 for Thursday. “ I have purchased a buffalo for my home but it is tied at some other place since many days. The astrologer has set a muhurat on my name for the ‘Grah Pravesh’ of the buffalo on Thursday, hence I request you either to cancel my duty or to exchange it with some other day in the next phase of polling so that I can bring in the animal to my home” the application read. The letter was routed to the Collector through the office of the District Elementary Education which claimed that Singh wasn’t making a fake excuse as he had brought a buffalo for some 50 thousand rupees and had even produced the ‘muhurat’ letter prescribed by an astrologer. “ It’s common in the rural area for people to take advice from the Pandits to bring in cattles to their homes after purchase, hence, the employee may be stating the correct reason for exemption from the duty” K.C. verma, Collector Rajsamand said. “ If it is a genuine case, his plead could be accepted, though I too came to know about it only today through a message in Whatsapp” said the collector who claimed he has not received the application yet.


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