Man alleges duped of Rs 8 lakh by con bride

Man alleges duped of Rs 8 lakh by con bride
Man alleges duped of Rs 8 lakh by con bride

Prayagraj : A local has filed a police report stating that the woman he married last month was a con-bride who fled with belongings and cash worth Rs 8 lakh. The victim accused a Delhi-based woman named Rajni and her purported husband Pawan of taking cash and jewellery from his house and threatening him with terrible repercussions in a complaint filed this week. According to the resident of Jhalwa area in Prayagraj, he split from his wife around a year and a half ago and was living with his two children (aged 16 and 5). He met a woman in Jafarabad (Delhi) who pretended to be a widow four months ago. They became closer over time, and they married on August 3, 2022, at Arya Samaj Kharkauni, Naini.

They had their wedding video recorded and received a marriage certificate. After we married, we travelled to several locations, and I even put money multiple times into her Delhi-based bank account, he explained. On August 11, however, the victim received a call from a man named Pawan Kumar, who claimed to be the husband of the lady he had married.

The caller demanded Rs 20 lakh in payment or else he will post some personal footage of us on social media. My wife also acknowledged that the caller was her husband, the victim stated in his complaint. Inspector (Dhoomanganj) Rajesh Maurya stated that the victim arranged Rs 8 lakh and told his wife that the remaining cash will be arranged shortly.

However, when the victim got home in the middle of the night on September 12, he found his wife missing. There was also cash and jewellery worth lakhs gone, Maurya claimed.

“She warned him with grave repercussions when he contacted her. The victim eventually learned about their gang. Cops are thoroughly investigating the incident, Maurya stated, and appropriate action will be taken.

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