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Maldives: 13 tests positive for COVID 19 today

This include 13 Bangladeshi nationals while all 13 tested positive today are from Bangladesh and India. The two Indians were employed in a store in Male city and are from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Maldives has a large section of service professionals working in tourism industry, particularly from Kerala and southern states while  hundreds of Bangladeshis are engaged in labour and construction activities.

Maldives health authorities said they  are working to confirm if the Indian nationals have links to existing clusters. The first COVID case in Male was tested positive on Wednesday only and has seen a rapid increase since then.

The capital is under lockdown for this month and offices are closed. Indian high commission in Male said it is working closely with Maldives government for welfare of Indian community.

It said there are number of appeals from Indian community for evacuation and the concerns are being addressed to the best of capacity.

Maldives has received total of 51 COVID infections so far but 16 of the initial 20 cases have recovered while rest 31 cases have been reported in Male since Wednesday.

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