Sunday , April 18 2021
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Major protest against COVID-restriction in Berlin today

The protest is going to take place after a court reversed a police ban on their protest. Concerns about security and a lack of social distancing were rejected by the judges.

Berlin police’s appeal at the city’s Higher Administrative Court for review also favoured the protestors and the Judges ruled that the demonstrations could go ahead.

The ruling while asking for social distancing and barriers in front of the stages where speeches will be held didn’t mandate wearing masks as guidelines for the protest. 
On Thursday, Germany had announced a ban on large events until the end of this year, amid fears of a resurgence in coronavirus cases. However, after the fresh ruling by the court, Berlin police are gearing up for possible violence that might erupt during the protests.

In Germany, many anti- restriction groups and their leaders have called their media followers from across Europe to join them in Berlin. Some of the groups have also warned of violence during the weekend protest.

Reuters quoted Berlin police Vice President Marco Langner from a news conference saying “This openly expressed willingness to use violence against authorities is a new dimension for us,” Some 3,000 officers would be patrolling the streets, including reinforcements from other parts of Germany, and water cannons would be used if necessary, local police said.

The demonstration will also have anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jnr as a prominent speaker.

 Activists are expected to travel to the rallies in Berlin from places that were recently added to Germany’s list of high-risk regions for coronavirus infections in Spain, France, and Belgium, heightening the risk of outbreaks.

Germany stands with one of the lowest fatality rates among its European peers with a total of 9,288 deaths reported from the pandemic.

However, in recent days the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country has spiked sharply to 239,507. On Friday German disease and epidemic control center, Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 1,576 new cases in Germany. The total active cases across the country have risen to around 17,020, the highest tally since May 10.

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