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Madhya Pradesh: PM holds ‘SVANidhi Samvaad’ with street vendors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with street vendors from Madhya Pradesh via video conferencing in ‘SVANidhi Samvaad.’

PM congratulated Madhya Pradesh and the CM of the state for the efforts to ensure the benefits of PM SVANidhi scheme to more than 1 lakh street vendors in Madhya Pradesh in just 2 months time.

The Prime Minsiter said, “This scheme helps people to start afresh & get easy capital. For the first time, a network of millions of street vendors has been truly connected to the system, they have got an identity.”

“The scheme helps one get rid of interest completely. Under this scheme, interest rebate of up to 7% is being given anyway. A new beginning has been made in collaboration with banks and digital payment facilitators to ensure that our street vendors do not lag behind in digital shop-keeping,” he added.

PM SVANidhi scheme was launched by the government of India on 1st June 2020 to help the street vendors and small shops, facing loss in business due to Corona crisis, resume livelihood activities.

Madhya Pradesh government has registered 4.5 lakh street vendors, who are eligible for loans. Besides the MP government has issued identity cards and certificates to more than 4 lakh street vendors.

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