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Lynching an abhorrent act: PM Modi

All round, inclusive fast paced development, this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. In an interview to a national daily, Prime Minister said that while the government is doing all it can to meet the expectations and aspirations of the electorate, the opposition is busy cobbling together a mahagathbandhan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi responding to a question on the Assam NRC in an interview said that while previous government’s merely made promises it was the Modi government that had the moral courage and conviction to implement the Court’s order on ground.


Hitting out at naysayers he said, Only those who have lost the confidence of the electorate, those who have lost confidence in themselves and in the Constitution can claim that Civil war will break out, there will be bloodshed and the nation will be fragmented.

Use of such language is natural. It shows that they are not in tune with the voice or the soul of the nation. Rajiv Gandhi who was Prime Minister then signed the Assam Accord under public pressure, fearing public anger.

It was then pushed under the carpet and the nation was taken for a ride.  They are speaking in dual voices on the NRC issue.

Responding to a question on lynching, Prime Minister expressed anguish at the fact petty politica playing out over such a sensitive issue. He said


It is very sad that some people are trying to weigh the issue only on the scales of how many incidents happened under which government. I firmly believe that even a single instance of lynching is a blot on society. I have always spoken out against such incidents and such mindsets.

Actions taken to stop such incidents are equally important as what a Prime Minister has to say. The Home Ministry has acted strictly and promptly to stop such violence. Use of such incidents for political gains exposes a distorted mentality.

Prime Minister reiterated his government’s commitment to doubling farmers’ income by 2022. Answering a question on the MSP issue, Prime Minister said that there is a misconception that most of the produce offered by farmers is not being procured by the government.


Under the previous government 2,65,164 tonnes of pulses were procured at MSP. Over the last 4 years we have procured nearly 20 times this quantity. 52,50,724 tonnes of pulses have been procured since 2014-15 till today. I request the press to take Dr MS Swaminathan’s recent article on govt policies for farmers welfare to the people.


Fielding a question on the recent PDP-BJP break up in Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister said that People’s mandate in J&K was for a PDP-BJP coalition government.

So there was no other option. This coalition tried its best to live up to the expectations and aspirations of the electorate. But after Mufti Sahab’s demise, several hurdles came up. As a result speed of development did not match people’s expectations.

For the BJP in J&K, people’s welfare has always been a priority. That is why we exited the coalition without trading any charges. BJP is committed to fulfilling people’s aspirations in the state.


And on the future of the NDA, Prime Minister said that Indian politics has changed drastically in the decade after 1990. But the questions being asked are still the same. The question then was will anyone support BJP? In 2014 Political pundits questioned if Modi will get any support. Today we have a coalition government of over 20 parties.

NDA is not a compulsion, but is our strength. BJP had the numbers to form the government alone in 2014. But we stood true to our coalition dharma forming a government with our partners. It is important to respect regional aspirations. Several states with coalition governments with the BJP are performing very well. NDA today stands for good governance.

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