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Lok Sabha debates air pollution crisis

The Lok Sabha on Tuesday held a discussion on air pollution in Delhi. Members cutting across party lines said pollution in the national capital is a serious issue, and it has to be tackled, leaving aside politics.

The issue was raised under Rule No. 193. The discussion was initiated by Congress party’s Manish Tewari. He sought the setting up of a separate Parliamentary Standing Committee on Pollution and Climate Change.

BJP’s Delhi MP Manoj Tewari spoke on behalf of his party and attacked the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government over failing to combat air pollution. Members of others parties also sought the taking of effective steps to tackle the serious problem of air pollution.

The MPs also felt that it was wrong to blame farmers and stubble burning for the air emergency when the blame lies at the door of vehicular and industrial emissions.

MPs made a wide range of suggestions for tackling the problem such as economically empowering farmers in order to curtail stubble burning and contributing two crore rupees from each MP’s MPLADs funds for erecting air purifying towers.

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