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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Line man rape college students for months after alluring into marriage

Udaipur : A 21-year old college student has filed a police complaint against an electricity line man who she said took undue advantage of her trust and raped her for months in Pratapgarh district. The victim said she looked upon the 48-year old man as a father figure and trusted him when he arranged a rent free accommodation for her to stay and required to cook food for him in return. However the man molested her for months and gave her life threats if she exposed his deeds.

The victim is a resident of Badi Lak village under Devgarh police station. She had to travel several kilometers daily to reach college. She happened to meet one Hari ram Meena who worked as a lineman in the electricity department. Knowing that the girl looked upon him as a father figure, he offered to arrange a room for her to stay near the city and said that she could cook food for him in return. The girl agreed and shifted to her new dwelling. Hariram paid 1600 rupees monthly as room rent where she was kept. Gradually the accused allured the girl into a physical relationship and raped her for months.

He asked her to keep it a secret  else he could defame her, he said. The victim said that when her father came to know of the situation , he married her off in a nearby village. When the accused came to know of her marriage, he forced her to divorce her husband and marry him instead. He also paid a sum of 2 lakh rupees to the victim to earn her trust. Believing his words, the victim left her husband’s home and came to live with Hariram. Later she was shocked to find that Hariram was already married and had a child. His wife didn’t knew anything about the affair. Tired of his harassments, the victim informed her father and revealed everything. The investigation is on and the accused has been called for interrogation, sources said.


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