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Monday , January 22 2018
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Life term to man for chopping off wife’s head in Udaipur

Udaipur : A special court for the scheduled caste and tribe here proclaimed life term to a man for a cold blooded murder. The man was guilty for beheading his wife with a Khoont (a sharp farm weapon) leaving the head hung by a small piece of flesh with the lower part of the body. A large number of people had gathered outside the court to see the accused been taken to jail on Wednesday after the sentence was proclaimed.

Narayan son of Rattaji, belonging to the Gadoliya Lohar community (a nomadic tribe) in Tula Village at Gogunda tehsil had beheaded his wife Anni Bai after a petty quarrel between the couple on March 15, 2011. Narayan alongwith his parents and three siblings had drapped the dead body in a bedding and called a taxi driver to take them to Molela village in Khamnor. However, the taxi driver smelled foul and  took all the people directly to the Gogunda police station. The police found the dead body and arrested the accused. During the trial , 8 of the 24 evidences turned hostile.

However, the FSL report was in confirmity with the blood stains on the weapon and the deceased’s clothes which proved the guilt. Public Prosector DhanSingh Jhala pleaded death sentence for the man who had brutally killed his wife in a fit of fury while senior advocate KanchanSingh Hiran pleaded mercy on behalf of the accused. District Judge Pankaj Bhandari sentenced life imprisonment to the accused while the other accused were set free.


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