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Leading Industry bodies welcome the economic package

FICCI, President Dr Sangita Reddy said that FICCI will fully support the Prime Minister’s dream of a self-dependent India and ensure all measures to make this a reality. She said, the strengthening of the five pillars economy, infrastructure, system, demography and demand will pave the way for India returning to a higher sustained growth path again. Secretary General, FICCI, Dilip chenoy said, FICCI will work together to make Indian economy revive again.
ASSOCHAM, Secretary General Deepak Sood thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for lifting up the national spirit, not only with his 20 lakh crore rupees economic package but also laying a broad direction for the country’s development , based on a Self-Reliant India. He said, the five-pillars of building a Self-Reliant India would take us towards becoming a credible global force that reaches out to the world from a position of strength.
Confederation of Indian Industry, CII also hailed the economic package announced by the Prime Minister. Talking to media, CII Director General, Chandrajit Banerjee said Prime Minister has made an unprecedented announcement of economic package to deal with the extraordinary situation the country is in today. He said the 20 lakh crore package really promises to place India back into the path of economic recovery.

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