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Leaders across world pitch for social distancing: COVID-19

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vociferously said people defying advice to isolate themselves to fight a coronavirus outbreak should “go home and stay home” or face sanctions. Although Ottawa and the 10 provinces have urged Canadians to stay at home, and in some cases put limits on gatherings, Trudeau said too many people were still disregarding the advice. The number of people in Canada diagnosed with the coronavirus rose to 1,474 with death toll staying at 20.

As the death toll from deadly coronavirus has reached 335 in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also ordered Britons to stay at home in order to bring a pause to the spread of Covid-19 outbreak, all non-essential shops have been closed in the country. PM Johnson has also appealed people not to meet with friends or family and warned those who do not follow the rules face fines. Johnson said people would only be allowed to leave their homes to shop for basic necessities, exercise, for a medical need, to provide care or travelling to and from work where absolutely necessary.

France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said a virtual lockdown in France imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus could last several more weeks and that his government was tightening restrictions even further. He said citizens from March 23 would only be able to exercise once a day, within 1 kilometer of their home, and that burial ceremonies would be restricted to 20 people. He added that open-air markets should close. The coronavirus has killed another 186 people in France, bringing the death toll in the country to 860.

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