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Kumarajiva India China Culture Sutra Journey begins

At China’s Dunhuang, in minus six degree C, Tarun Vijay, former MP and Tejasvi Surya, MP from Bangalore South prayed at White Horse Pagoda connected with the arrival of Kumarajiva and launched their 11050 km long journey that will take them ten cities and monasteries connected with the Kumarajiva’s travels in China in 4th century AD.

China’s second largest university Sichuan University, Jinjiang College and South Asian study Centre is supporting the Kumarajiva cultural journey, first time ever. 

Tarun Vijay said that though Chinese travelers like Xuanzang and Faxian (also Fahien) are well known in india and we read their life stories in our text books, Kumarajiva, who had the biggest influence on the Chinese society and culture is hardly remembered and celebrated in India. He remains the strongest bridge between two countries and people hence we are here to celebrate his memory, to revive his great works in india and to re connect with the Chinese youth through Kumarajiva who is highly respected and studied by young researchers and commoners alike. 

The scholars who participated in the launch on Wednesday are President of Sichuan university Jinjiang College He Zhiwei, Director of South Asia Study Centre Sichuan university’s Liu Jiawei, Prof Liang Yuan Kang, Ms Yao Yuxin and many others.

The 11050 km long journey will pass through several cities and monasteries connected with Kumarajiva’s life and works.

Tarun Vijay had been working on Kumarajiva for the last ten years and was first to visit Mor stupa in Gobi desert, near Kashgar, Xinjiang, helped by the then Indian ambassador Nirupama Rao. He will be writing a comprehensive book on Kumarajiva with pictures of this expedition. 

Tejasvi Surya, MP said this shows how little we know about the great Indian monks who went to China taking the message of Buddha and becoming great bridge of friendship. More such studies need to be launched. he feels thrilled and happy to join this journey which is historic and first of its kind.

They will be meeting the Indian ambassador in Beijing on 17th November and present him the report and also take part in a Kumarajiva seminar. Also they have with them specially collected sacred soil from the Sarnath Stupa and Ganga Water Kalash from Kashi to be offered at Kumarajiva Temple. 

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