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Karnataka to soon have Health Register of all citizens

Enhanced focus on healthcare has become imperative and our government is committed to provide world class healthcare to all citizens, he said.

While speaking to media Dr Sudhakar said that Covid-19 experience has demonstrated the necessity of having robust, real-time public health data and therefore, there is a need to maintain repository of health data of each and every citizen. He said that Government will be undertaking a survey of all 6.5 Crore people in the state using a team of Primary Health Centre officials, revenue officials, Education department staff and ASHA karyakartas.

They will visit each household and collect health data of all the members of the family. This will not only help the government to provide better health care, but will also help efficient resource allocation, management and better implementation of various citizen centric schemes in the state, the Minister added.

Public-Private Partnership: It’s our vision to provide world-class health care to all citizens in the state and we need accurate data to make our vision a reality. The Health register is a futuristic project which is taken up in the interest of the people. The project will include 50% partnership of private hospitals. The data collected will help us to prioritise healthcare based on geography, demography and other targeted measures.

Our Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa has assured all support for the project and a detailed discussion will be undertaken in the upcoming cabinet meeting, said Dr.Sudhakar. The Minister also assured that he is committed to ensure that all citizens of the state have access to world class healthcare.

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