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Johnson vows to repay trust of the voters

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has secured a majority in the UK general elections by seizing seats from the Labour party in its traditional Bastion. This means Johnson remains the Prime Minister and should now be able to push his Brexit deal through parliament. Meanwhile the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in a huge setback has said he will not lead the Labour party into the next election. Here is a quick explainer on the UK poll results and why are the results so crucial for Borris Jhonson.

Hot off the printing presses on Friday British newspaper headlines marked Boris Johnson’s sweeping victory and the newly cleared path towards Brexit. With Labour being described as receiving a ‘mauling,’ and being ‘swept away,’ ‘Brexmas’ was announced and ‘full steam ahead’ for Johnson. Next it was the turn of the re-entry of Boris Johnson into 10 Downing Street.

Voters in London said they were not surprised by the British election result which saw Boris Johnson’s Conservatives returned to power with a substantial majority and a promise to see Brexit through. Congratulatory messages started pouring in soon after. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted:


European Union leaders gathered in Brussels to discuss Britain’s departure from the bloc. They congratulated Johnson, expecting British parliament to pass the withdrawal agreement soon. European markets also celebrated the victory nearing a record high. Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to end three years of political paralysis and take Britain out of the European Union within weeks.

The Brexit divorce represents Britain’s biggest political and economic gamble since World War Two, cutting the world’s fifth largest economy adrift from the vast trading bloc and testing the integrity of the United Kingdom. For Johnson, who had faced gridlock in parliament and focused his campaign on a vow to “Get Brexit Done”, victory was a vindication.

The Conservatives won large numbers of seats in the opposition Labour Party’s so-called Red Wall, traditional working class heartlands once hostile to Johnson’s party. Boris Johnson hailed it as a vote for Corbyn neutral Christmas. Labour, led since 2015 by the veteran socialist Corbyn, had won just 203 seats, the party’s worst result since 1935. Corbyn’s offer of a radical agenda of failed to win over voters, while his equivocal position on Brexit left many angry and confused, especially in Red Wall areas where large majorities had voted for Brexit in 2016. Corbyn said he would quit as Labour leader after a period of reflection.

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