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Friday , January 19 2018
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Jashodaben’s autograph on 2000 Rupees note draws flak

Udaipur : Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben’s gesture of love shown to students of a private school here in Udaipur has drawn flak from the common. Jashodaben who visited Udaipur to attend a golden jubilee program on Wednesday had marked her autograph on a 2000 rupee note where she happened to sign herself as ‘Jashodaben Narendra Kumar Modi’. At a time when people are troubled by the currency crunch and claim the demonetization move an unwise step, Jasodaben’s signing on a note has irked them even more. In a press release Ashok Paliwal, secretary of All India Hair and Beauty Association condemned the act and claimed it as an insult to Indian currency.

“ As per the clean note policy in 1999, RBI has taken several steps to keep an eye out for the currency note in market. Banks urge people not to write or scribble on the notes. If an illiterate person had done it, it is understandable however such kind of things are not acceptable from PM’s wife and above all her being a teacher herself” Paliwal claimed. RBI has put into action many campaigns to raise awareness to discourage writing on currency notes, especially on its watermark window as it bears a security feature which helps differentiate a banknote from a fake one.

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