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Japanese centenarian population exceeds 70,000

According to the figures published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, women centenarians vastly outnumber the men, accounting for 88.1 per cent of the total 71,238, Kyodo News Agency reported.

The figure represents a roughly 23-fold increase from a centenarian population of 3,078 in 1989.

The number of females who will have reached 100 years of age by Sunday totals 62,775, up 1,321 from last year. The number of such men is 8,463, an increase of 132.

Kane Tanaka, a 116-year-old resident of Fukuoka, is the oldest Japanese. Born in January 1903, she is acknowledged as the world”s oldest living person by Guinness World Records.

Chitetsu Watanabe, a 112-year-old resident of Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, is the oldest Japanese man.

By prefectures, Tokyo has 6,059 centenarians, followed by Kanagawa at 3,933 and Osaka at 3,648.

Japan”s average life expectancy was 87.32 for women and 81.25 for men in 2018.

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