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Jaipur hotel didn’t deny interfaith couple check-in: Police

Jaipur, Oct 9 (udaipur kiran) The police here on Wednesday denied the report that a couple was not allowed to enter a hotel room because they belonged to different religions.

Speaking to udaipur kiran, Police Commissioner Anand Shrivastava said, Javed had booked two rooms in Oyo’s SilverKey hotel in Jaipur. On reaching the hotel, he insisted that his friend should also be allowed in the same room and he would give her ID proof and all details for the booking formality.

But the hotel staff rejected the request on some suspicion and denied a check-in.

Shrivastava said the police reached out to the assistant professor from Udaipur and asked him to get a complaint lodged, if he had any grudge against the hotel. But he denied.

Cops also approached the hotel authorities, but they were reluctant to get the police involved in the matter.

Earlier, it was reported that a Muslim man and a Hindu woman were not allowed to get into a hotel in Jaipur as they belonged to different religions.

The incident was reported on Saturday when Javed tried to check into Oyo’s SilverKey hotel.

Meanwhile, Oyo in a statement said they had initiated an inquiry into the manager’s actions, which caused inconvenience to the customer. “We sincerely apologise for this unfortunate experience.”

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