Tuesday , September 21 2021

IoT Implementation in Domino’s Pizza

While other fast food firms are playing catch-up on home delivery, Domino’s has been on the frontline since the 1960s. Built around a delivery model from the get-go, 60% of Domino’s business now comes in from digital channels, as opposed to the traditional telephone ordering of the past. That totaled $5.6 billion in global digital sales in 2016.

Why Is IoT on the Menu?

Why is IoT catching on with restaurants? The potential use cases seem limitless. For instance, IoT systems can allow restaurant chains to compare data from one store to another. IoT will also help restaurants, retailers, and other types of businesses to track sales and associated inventories.

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market is extremely competitive. Roughly half of the food franchises earn profits of less than US$50,000 per year, and the average profit is $82,033 per year, according to Franchise Business Review. Any technology that boosts those profit margins is a potential boon to franchise owners and associated businesses.

Connecting between Digital Devices and Services with Applets

On the digital front, the firm is so-well established now that it’s able to make fun of its own technology track record. That tracker tech just took a step forward with the inevitable Internet of Things topping. The so-called Internet of Pizza sees Domino’s partnering with the IFTTT (if this, then that) free web-based platform, which allows developers to add and create connections between digital devices and services with simple conditional statements, called Applets.

Domino’s launch statement explains that Domino’s has created a few useful IFTTT Applets, including one that will automatically turn off their sprinklers when Domino’s Tracker says their order is out for delivery. Domino’s says it’s the first restaurant brand to join the IFTTT platform. Customers can also download a Domino’s Applet that turns on their Samsung Powerbot when their order is being prepared, perfect for when the house needs a good vacuuming before the gang stops by for a pizza party.

The Domino’s Tracker

These are the four triggers in the Domino’s Tracker:

  1. Order being prepped
  2. Order in the oven
  3. Order out for delivery
  4. Order ready for pickup

Whenever order hits one of those events, the customer can use IFTTT applets to trigger almost anything in their connected world from sending an email or text to turning on the lights in their dining room.

This latest platform play joins the pizza firm’s other digital channels, including Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Twitter and text message using a pizza emoji. They introduced the latest in the new wave of anywhere ordering platform innovation, the ability to start and complete a new order from scratch without the need for a profile or saved Easy Order. Customers can now order this way through Facebook Messenger and Google Home with more to come.

Reduce Food Waste and Increase Safety Standards

Besides the Domino’s Tracker, Domino’s franchises are using the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and more to reduce food waste and increase safety standards. Domino’s also implements Unified Office’s Operations Performance Suite (TCNOPS) system. Using remote smart thermostats, the tech monitors refrigeration and prep table temperatures to ensure food doesn’t spoil and health code standards are met.

Unified Office’s Total Connect Now system has already allowed Domino’s restaurants to increase their call volume, raising revenue. Adding TCNOPS will help protect against wear on equipment, saving further costs. The beauty of it is that it’s predictive in nature. It has algorithms that predict that a unit that’s going to fail in three weeks and warn them to take a look at it.

More Connected than Ever with IoT Implementation

Domino’s is empowering customers to unleash their imagination as they create new ways to integrate some of the favorite innovations, like Domino’s Tracker, into their everyday lives. Thanks to the endless possibilities of IFTTT applets, customers will be more connected than ever.

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