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Indigenous people demand implementation of Chittagong Hill Tract Accord

Addressing a press conference in Dhaka on Saturday Parbatya Chattogram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS) Chairman Santu Larma said that the core clauses of the CHT accord have not been implemented even after 21 years.

He said indigenous people are living a life of uncertainty and insecurity. 

Santu Larma is a signatory to the accord.Talking about indigenous languages, Santu Larma said that 14 out of the 41 languages are facing extinction.

 He urged the government to set up a national academy for preserving these languages and accord constitutional status to the indigenous communities.

The government signed CHT accord in 1997 with PCJSS representing Jumma indigenous people to end decades of armed conflict in the South Eastern region of the country.

Protection of the land rights of Jumma people, rehabilitation, self government and withdrawal of military from the region were the key points of the accord.

Indigenous people’s organisations have accused the government of not implementing the accord but the government claims that most of the provisions of the accord have been implemented.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was honoured with the UNESCO Peace Prize in 1998 for the accord.

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