India’s air passenger traffic to surpass 410 mn by 2024-25: Scindia

Hyderabad, March 25 : Announcing that India will be opening up 100 per cent International flight operations in a couple of days, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M.Scindia on Friday stated that India’s air passenger traffic is expected to surpass 410 million by 2024-25 against closing to 300 million in 2022-23. Addressing the gathering after formally inaugurating Wings India 2022 at Begumpet Airport here, Scindia said that the Indian Aviation sector has passed through a lot of trials and tribulations during the pandemic period, but it is emerging stronger, fitter and ready to face challenges and tap the opport ties. The Aviation sector has shown resilience, and by next year, we will surpass the pre-covid number of domestic passengers, he said that once the resumption of International flights operations, the number of international travellers from India will also jump rapidly. The government will be a constructive collaborator with all stakeholders of the aviation sector and work with them for the development of Civil Aviation in the country, the Minister said “We don’t believe in square tables, but we believe in roundtables at our Ministry to ensure the success of this sector and our country at large.” “Our aim is not only to connect the world to India but to connect every corner village of the country”, he said that out of 135 crore population in the country, 14.5 crore people only travel by air through civil aviation. Today’s civil aviation is tomorrow’s rail transport , he declared and said that the Civil aviation sector will play an important role in the country’s development. Scindia said Airlines, building of airports, infrastructure, will power growth and create ripples in the civil aviation sector. The sector has an economic multiple of 3.1 and employment multiple of 6.1. It means that the investment of every dollar in civil aviation adds Rs 3.1 to the economy in the long run, and for every one direct employment, 6.1 indirect jobs are created. He said that Civil aviation is one of the largest employment and output generating sector in the world. The Gati Shakti initiative of the Government under the vision of the Prime Minister is a twin-pronged initiative and synergy of giving speed and powerand will drive India for years to come, the Minister said that various departments of the Government of India across the umbrella have come together to power India. As India moves from 75 to 100 years, it will emerge as a new power as the paradigm has changed and there is a lot of focus on infrastructure development. The building of infrastructure is not confined to the economic centres but being provided in all parts of the country for everyone, he added. India is the fastest growing civil aviation market in the world, Scindia said there has been expansion across the spectrum in the sector, and with the number of airports in the country going up from 74 in 2013-14 to almost 140 (including Heliports and water domes) .The number is likely to go up to 220 by 2024-25, he said. The Minister said from a fleet of 400 aircrafts in 2013-14, in the last seven years it has grown to 710 aircrafts and added India is intending to add 110-120 airports per year. He said that regional connectivity is the focus of the government, with provision of last mile connectivity. MORE KNR CS1701

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