Thursday , April 15 2021
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Indian economy strong despite global challenges: PM Modi

Addressing delegates from across the world, PM gave an account of his govt’s policies.

Broad theme of Global Business Summit-2020 is Collaborate to Create: Sustainable Growth in a Fractured World.

PM said that the govt is continously working towards making India a 5 trillion dollar economy…and working on 4 major areas to realise the target.

Prime Minister also said that despite global economy witnessing strong headwinds, the indian economy is strong as the rules are specific and the fundamentals are strong.

Prime Minister also said that his govt is defining new ways to partner with the private sector to usher in development in India reiterating that the centre will stand firmly with the wealth creators.

Prime Minister gave a list of many sectors where his govt brought in huge positive changes including DBT, pace of infrastructure development .

He added that his govt is taking out many problems from the so called convenience of removing the shackles of old thoughts and procedures.

Prime Minister also said that many people have the habit of remaining status quoist…while his govt worked to move India out of many shackles…taking a veiled dig at the opposition parties PM exposed the apparent hypocrisy in oppositions leaders actions and words.

Prime Minister also gave a hint into his diplomatic efforts and highlighted the efforts that have given India a unique standing in the comity of nations.

Prime Minister said that many people who call themselves right thinking people protest against the govt when it does the right thing.

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