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Indian Army’s ‘Project Roshni’ illuminates remote villages in the Valley

Fourteen-year-old Rashid and her sister Sakina living in a village in a remote hilly area of Bhaderwah are happy that their study is not hampered due to darkness. Fear is not there in the night and eyesight is not affected due to kerosene smoke. Light has come into their lives. The Army has come to their rescue by way of providing solar lamps. They have distributed solar lamps in remote areas. Under Project Roshni, the Army has distributed 17,000 such lamps till now.

Dozens of hilly villages in the state still have no access to electricity due to weather or other factors while difficulties continue for the residents in these villages. The Army is continuously taking steps to provide a solution and solar lamp distribution is a move in this direction and using such lamps and charging them is quite easy. This helps in their daily chores as well as help in charging their mobile phones.

People living in mud houses have eradicated darkness from their lives and the fear of dark nights is over. The Army’s Project Roshni is helpful in providing light in everybody’s life.

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